Ancient Tower of Via Tornabuoni

We personally enjoy welcoming our guests, we wish to reinvent the concept of hospitality, and we have the inspiration to provide the warmth of home in every detail. This is how the Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1, Florence came to be: a tower-house built in the mid-12th century by the Guelph family of Ruggerini.
Almost all rooms enjoy an enchanting view of the city or the Arno River, and all are furnished with the highest in comfort: satellite plasma TVs, DVD players, wireless internet connection, direct line telephone, minibar, electronic safe, air conditioning and heating, private marble bath with tub and/or shower, hair dryer, slippers and shoehorns, and scented essences from Antica Officina Profumo di Santa Maria Novella..
Some of the Rooms and Suites are decorated with a Renaissance flair: with frescoes, drapes in coloured precious fabrics, bathrooms in red Alcantara or Gold Calacatta marble, and romantic four poster beds.

The Tower House known as “Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1” was built during the first half of the 13th century by the Guelf Family, the Ruggerinis, and it subsequently was inherited by the Fastellis and the Pietrobonos. In the early 14th century the property was inherited by the Gianfigliazzis and remained their residence until the late 1700s.

The Tower House is located at the corner of via de Tornabuoni, directly adjacent to the Bridge of Santa Trinita, beside the church of the same name.

The family name Gianfigliazzi derives from Giovanni, son of Galeazzo, a form which later became Gian, son of Azzo, who may be considered the founding father of the dynasty.

The Gianfigliazzis did not hold office during the republican period as they were considered Aristocracy and associated with the Guelf movement but following the Battle of Benevento that marked the demise of the Ghibellines and with the explusion of the Duke of Athens from Florence, an event the Gianfigliazzis valiantly supported, the Gianfigliazzis were rewarded and held high government office.

From 1530 onwards the family counts thirty priors and ten Gonfalonieri, numerous knights of the golden spur, military commissaries and ambassadors. They built houses, loggias and towers in the Santa Trinita quarter and they apparently also owned the houses surrounding the church. The Gianfigliazzi Family died out in 1764 with the Canonico Rinaldo di Lodovico.

From the early twentieth century until the conclusion of the Second World War the aristocrats and English intellectuals, fascinated by Florence, favored the Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 as their preferred residence.

After the Great War, the Piccioli Guesthouse was closed, but reopened in 2001 under the name “Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1”, which was later to become the “Palazzo Gianfigliazzi di Via Tornabuoni 1” in 2008. Thanks to careful restoration work which preserved and brought back to life all of the buildings original appeal, the Via Tornabuoni palace acquired life and warmth once again. The magnificent complex is considered one of the historic “tower houses” of Medieval Florence, and it preserves to this day the original architectural characteristics. It is an admirable example of how man is capable of taking buildings which were once devised for the purposes of war into oasis of peace, culture and hospitality.

Guests of the “Antica Torre di via Tornabuoni n° 1” do not consider themselves simply clients, but special guests. They are surrounded by a unique atmosphere of charm and history, while at the same time enjoy an elegant and refined ambience, where the traditional fuses with the modern, offering a truly unforgettable stay.

The attention to detail and the warmth of the rooms make the “Antica Torre di via Tornabuoni n° 1” the premier choice when visiting the most beautiful city of art in Italy. This is emphasized, not only by the comfortable bedrooms, but also by the two magnificent terraces with their breathtaking panoramic views over the whole of Florence, which offer unforgettable emotional experiences.

The building is located on four floors with three facades, one per floor, enclosed by shutters. The street façade is characterized by post and lintel elements characteristic of towers and divided into three parts via two levels. The geometric architecture reflects the façade of the Torre de’ Compiobbesi and is more reminiscent of a palace than a tower. The front ends in a projection consisting of corbels which extend into the platform above, enclosed by Guelf crenellation more for decoration than for defense. Alongside the windows you find the cast-iron fixtures that were used to display tapestries and coats of arms during festivals and important occasions.

Our historic residence offers all of the services imaginable to guarantee the maximum comfort of our guests. Our full-service Reception and Concierge is available 24 hours. We assist our clients in finding exactly what they are looking for with regards to guided tours, outings throughout Tuscany, transfer services, museum and restaurant reservations, theatre tickets as well as personalized itineraries to discover the hidden secrets of Florence.
We offer daily housekeeping service with turndown service in all rooms. We also offer breakfast room service as well as light meals throughout the day as room service or on our spectacular rooftop terrace. We offer valet parking from our main entrance with our garage attendants who look after collecting your vehicle and returning it to you on departure. We offer family rooms and connecting rooms as well as child amenities and babysitting services day and night.
We host private catered events from weddings to exclusive gala dinners in our Salotto Sonoro and adjacent terrace whereas the Salotto Gianfigliazzi is available for small meetings and conferences.

Offered Services :
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General characteristics

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  • Internet :
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  • Number of Rooms : 24
  • Beds : 50
  • Price Mansion per day : 7800€
  • Price Mansion per week : 55000€
  • Room rate per day : 385€
  • Room rate per week : 2700€

Events and Weddings

  • Salons : 2
  • Seats : 60

Cinema Set

  • Outdoor Set :
  • Indoor Set :
  • Set in Garden :
  • Set in Pool :
  • Accessibility Means :


  • Breakfast : Cost n.d
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  • Dinner : Cost n.d


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Ancient Tower of Via Tornabuoni

Region : Tuscany

Province : FI

City : Firenze

Address : Via Tornabuoni, 1

C.A.P. : 50135

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Charm-filled historic Residence in a prestigious location, Via Tornabuoni 1’s breathtaking terraces offer unforgettable vistas of the city and its surroundings: the cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore, the hills of Fiesole and Settignano, the Arno river, Santa Trinita Bridge and Via Maggio, the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte, Buontalenti’s Forte Belvedere, the Bellosguardo hillside, Palazzo Vecchio, and the belltower of Santa Trinita.

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