Villa Pandola Sanfelice

Villa Pandola avellino  - dimore storiche italiane

Villa Pandola Sanfelice in Lauro is built on the ramparts of the ancient town walls just under
the Lancellotti castle. The gate in Piazzetta Teresa Sanfelice opens on an alley bordered by
orange and lemon trees, that follows the outline of the old boundary walls, leading to its
The garden extends on the left to include a hill covered with thick vegetation and boasting
several rare specimens such as an Araucaria Imbricata more than a hundred years old, and
a 30-meter high Washingtonia palm tree. It also hosts a huge Taxus Bacchata, as well as a
few Yucca Elephantipes and palm trees of different kinds, in addition to roses, agapanthus,
japonese jasmine and several more types of flowers.
The large hall of the Villa, with its marble floor, divides two identical reception rooms, the
first known as “the Mirror Room”, the other as “the Battle Room” from the subjects of the
numerous paintings decorating its walls, followed by a small chapel, all of them still keeping
their original ceramic tile floors from the XIX^ century Neapolitan manufactures.
At the top of the marble staircase the Music Room on the left shows its Grand Concert
piano, dating back from the first half of the XIX^ century, carefully kept and tuned, then the
Green Reception Room, embellished by a sculpted white marble fireplace, and, among
others, by two impressive landscape paintings, one depicting the estuary of the Garigliano,
the other the Astura Tower. The Green Reception Room is followed by a library and by the
main bedroom, the “Admiral’s room” with its original Empire style furniture.
On the right of the Music Room there is the large dining room, with a lovely grey marble
fireplace and valuable Neapolitan still-lives decorating its walls. All the fireplaces, including
the one in the “Battle Room” and in the Red Reception Room, are perfectly functioning and
currently used.
The dining room is followed by a modern kitchen opening on a huge terrace, covered by
luxuriant wisteria, whereas the old kitchen, is located on the ground floor within the older
part of the building. The terrace faces west, so that enjoying a drink and a friendly
conversation, or dining in the shade, will have the additional pleasure of the most beautiful
sunsets over the plain of Caserta as a background.
Facing the terrace are also the Red Reception Room and two bedrooms, a double and a
master bedroom. Two other bedrooms follows the “Admiral’s” reaching the number of five,
to accommodate a maximum of ten person at the same time. Each room has ad individual
Last but not least, the magnificent fountain at the back of the Villa, adorned by a stonecarved
Orsini coat of arms, (the feudal lords of Lauro in the XV century), offers a welcome
relief to whoever needs a plunge during the hot summer days.

villa pandola visite - dimore storiche italiane

Villa Pandola Sanfelice in Lauro, a town on the border between the Naples and Avellino
provinces, is built on the ramparts of the ancient town walls, under the Lancellotti castle,
and enjoys a remarkable view over the Vallum of Lauro down to the plain surrounding
Caserta. To the original building, a XVI century appurtenance of the adjoining church of St.
Mary Magdalen, the reception rooms and the marble staircase were added during the XIX
century, giving the Villa its present form.
It was bought around the middle of the XVIII century by Tommaso Pandola. His family was
blessed with a marked flair for business, consequently rising in the course of time to an
outstanding social and economic position. Canon Francesco, brother of Tommaso, strived
to save the inhabitans of Lauro, strongly resisting to the French troops of General
Championnet in 1799, from slaughter and destruction.
After the marriage of Tommaso’s grandson Gaetano to the Irish noblewoman Emilia Higgins
the family sided openly with the liberals, and in favour of the unification of Italy under the
Savoia monarchy. The Pandolas were close friends to the major personalities of the
Neapolitan liberal élite, from Luigi Settembrini and Carlo Poerio down to Francesco De
Sanctis and Guglielmo Capitelli.
This is why the Villa keeps a number of their belongings, ancient military uniforms,
documents and letters, that are occasionally displayed in exhibitions. To the opposite
political side belong the Court dresses and other items witnessing the pro-Bourbon feelings
of the Sanfelice family, which inherited the Villa through the marriage of the last Pandola to
Marquess Giuseppe Sanfelice di Monteforte. These two aspects, both the liberal and the
pro-Bourbon one, are reflected in the furnishings and memoirs that give a special charm to
the Villa. The story of the Pandolas, pieced together through the family records, forms the
subject Of “Emilia e I suoi, una famiglia del Sud dentro il Risorgimento”, by Anna Sanfelice
Visconti, published by Aracne Editrice International.
During the Second World War the ground floor of the Villa was requisitioned by the British
troops and turned into a small field hospital.
The Villa has narrowly escaped destructions when the Germans inserted mines in the wall
under the garden, to protect their retreat by blocking the underlying road with the
wreckage resulting from the explosion. But the Allied forces were advancing faster than
they had thought, so they fled without firing them.
The present owners Anna Sanfelice Visconti di Modrone and Enrica Sanfelice Pasolini
dall’Onda inherited the Villa in 1999 from their maternal aunt Teresa, the youngest
daughter of Giuseppe Sanfelice, who devoted her whole life to educate young people
through music and sport. In the course of eighteen years the heirs have restored the
interior of the Villa as well as its furnishings with the utmost care, keeping at the same time
intact the charming atmosphere of an historical house where so many generations
preceding theirs have lived.

matrimoni villa avellino  - dimore storiche italiane

The Villa has five bedrooms, three of them master bedrooms and two double ones, for a
total of ten beds. Each bedroom has its bathroom, two of them with bathtub and three
with shower, and has cool/warm air conditioning system. There are also two folding beds
for children under three years, that can be requested at no extra charge.
The so-called “Red Reception Room” is also air conditioned.
Linen are changed once a week, except for occasional needs; the Villa has, at any rate, a
laundry room with washing machine and hot-air dryer.
A couple of caretakers will provide two hours of room cleaning every day and could be
asked to help on specific request.
The ground floor elevator will take to the first floor, where the bedrooms are located, those
guest with walking problems.
The large old kitchen has, in addition to a five-burner gas stove with electric oven, a
refrigerator and dishwasher. The first-floor kitchen has also a five-burner gas stove with
electric oven, refrigerator with freezer, dishwasher and microwave oven, in addition to all
ordinary household appliances.
There are also two TV set with satellite connection at the guests’ disposal.

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  • Rooms : 5
  • Beds : 10
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 514€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : 3600€
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  • Price per Week (Room) : N.A.

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  • Seats : 80


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Villa Pandola Sanfelice

Region : Campania

Province : AV

City : Lauro

Address : Via Terra, 17

ZIP Code : 83023

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Places of interest nearby:

The Villa is situated in a particularly favourable spot for visiting the most famous touristic
places in Campania: Caserta and its Royal Palace, Pompei, Herculaneum, Oplontis and the
Amalfi coast can be reached within an hour at latest, as well as such impressive Roman
monuments as the Amphitheater and the Mithraeum of S. Maria Capua Vetere, the palaces
and the Cathedral of Capua and the splendid Longobard Basilica of Cimitile, the Medieval
frescoes of S. Maria Assunta in Pernosano, the splendid Lancellotti castle and other
monuments of Lauro. Without mentioning, of course, Naples and ist treasures of art, only
35 kilometers away from the Villa.
Paestum and its temples, and the marvelous Padula Charterhouse will reward those
prepared to go further south.

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villa pandola campania - dimore storiche italiane

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