Villa Malfatti

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Villa Malfatti , surrounded by a large park in the heart of the Canavese, belongs to the descendants of the Baron Stefano Malfatti di Monte Tretto since five generations. The Baron Malfatti bought the villa and restored it in the late nineteenth century.
On the side of the main facade, four arches framed by antique roses surround a vast atrium that allows to enjoy the nice garden and to welcome guests.
The main entrance is dominated by a grand staircase that overlooks the back side.
The ground floor is a succession of salons and boudoir. Very original dining room painted in Viennese style.
On the first and second floor, a hallway divides two parallel enfilade of rooms and lounges. The library has a large collection of nineteenth and twentieth-century works. All the rooms are painted and decorated with nineteenth-century furniture.
The villa is flanked by a typically Piedmontese farmhouse.
The design of the park is still like the original project: the Italian south side, the English northern side.
Remarkable is a century-old magnolia, flanked by giant Atlantic cedars, lime trees and palms.
The centuries-old lemon trees find winter shelter in the greenhouse.
The villa is accessed through an impressive wrought iron gate topped by the family crest.

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It was built in the early nineteenth century by the opera singer Teresa Belloc. Much loved by Rossini, who was inspired by her to compose the opera “La gazza ladra” (“The Thieving Magpie”). Under the large hall stands the Latin word “AMPHION THEBES THERESIA VILLAM”. With these words the singer wanted to remember that she built the villa thanks to her great interpreter voice, as well as Amphion with the sound of the lyre carried the bricks to build the walls of Thebes.
In 1888 the villa was bought by the Baron of Monte Stefano Malfatti Tretto and partially modified.
Later the villa was no more transformed and is still the mansion of Malfatti descendants.
The current building is inspired by a classic and baroque mixed design with two large terraces.

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Villa Malfatti is ideal for hosting:
– weddings
– events
– concerts
– movie sets
– “vacationers” (we can accommodate 13 people in the winter and 25 in summer)
In the Villa Malfatti all the rooms are decorated with nineteenth-century furniture.
It is the ideal place for families or friends wishing to spend a restful holiday time together, visiting Turin and surroundings and discovering the culinary specialties. We can arrange guided tours in foreign languages, cooking classes, theme dinners and wine tasting.

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General Info

  • Swimming Pool :
  • Wellness SPA :
  • Facilities for Disabled People :
  • Wi-Fi :
  • Pets Allowed :
  • Park or Garden :


  • Rooms : 16
  • Beds : 25
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : N.A.
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : N.A.
  • Price per Day (Room) : N.A.
  • Price per Week (Room) : N.A.

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 5
  • Seats : 150

Movie Set

  • Outdoor :
  • Indoor :
  • Garden :
  • Swimming Pool :
  • Heavy Vehicles Allowed :


  • Tickets : 5€
  • Open on : Sat,Sun
  • Opening times : 9:00-12:00 / 15:00-18:00
  • Bookshop :
  • Guided Tours :
Villa Malfatti

Region : Piedmont

Province : TO

City : San Giorgio Canavese

Address : Via Biandrate, 2

ZIP Code : 10090

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Telephone: 0039 011 6601400
Mobile: 0039 338 8878092

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