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villa broglino todi  - dimore storiche italiane

Il Broglino is a “Dimora Storica” built in the XVI century, and expanded in the XVII century, which overlooks the magnificent valley that surrounds Todi, in the region of Umbria.“Dimora Storica” or Historical Mansion means that a building is recognized as a part of the historical and cultural heritage of Italy.In the past it was the main residence of the owners who moved to Rome
in the middle of last century.Since then it was used as a holiday home and it continued to be a beloved part of the family traditions. Today, Il Broglino is regulary used by the owners but is also available for rent.
Il Broglino is at the top of a multi level garden that eases down the hill all the way to the family farm.
The Patio that surrounds the mansion opens onto the swimming pool area furnished with solarium, sunbeds and easy chairs, showers and all the amenities you may need. Privacy is guaranteed by the green hedges that border the land with a gorgeous green “wall” that transforms the mansion and garden in an oasis of peace.
In the garden there are very old trees that were planted when Il Broglino was built and, down on the hill, there is a young olive grove that is starting to yield its first fruits. Il Broglino is located 2 kilometres from the center of Todi,
one of the most famous and enchanting Umbrian villages.
It is the perfect location if you need to relax away from the city and be immersed in nature. If you are interested, you can also discover the beauty of Umbria and Toscana.
From Todi you can easily reach Rome (1 hour 1/2), Florence and the Chianti region (2 hours) and Bologna. You can also reach the Adriatic coast to the East, the Tyrrhenian sea to the West and the art towns of Veneto to the North. It is an ideal location if you are visiting Italy for the first time and you need to be close to the most interesting destinations of our country.
Il Broglino is a family mansion that, through the years, has been periodically restored and revamped by the owners.
The result is unique: it is a villa that preserves all the exquisite beauty of the original project, which dates back to the XVII century, with all the comforts and the comforts of a modern holiday home.
The main living room with its breath-taking picture windows that give a unique view of the property and its valley allow to appreciate the love and care that goes into the up-keeping of the mansion.
The attention to details and an impeccable “shabby chic” taste make Il Broglino one of the best known and appreciated historic mansions of the region.
The mansion is built on three levels. On the ground floor is the main lounge, a veranda and a poolroom. Across the entrance hall there is a large dining room with a round table that sits 10 people.
The dining room is connected to the kitchen and there is also a small and very precious library with ancient books and antique collection that can be visited upon request. Most furnishing are original with the addition of some interesting modern pieces personally chosen by the owners.
On the first floor is a fascinating living area surrounded by four bedrooms.
This is the part of the mansion were you can better appreciate the exquisite style of Il Broglino. The paintings
and the original decorations on the walls, the doors and the painted ceiling give it a special atmosphere that seduces and enchants the guest.
Maybe that’s why many guests say that Il Broglino allows you to feel the extraordinary experience of being an 18th Century land owner!
Each bedroom has different paintings and decorations. Some are ancient and others are more recent and painted by modern artists.
Il Broglino, with his history, is an example of Italian heritage and art history.
Renting this mansion for your vacation also allows its owners to keep up the property as most of the proceeds are reinvested in the up-keeping.
Number of people :9/10,Floors 3 (about 450 mq )
Dining and Living Room : ground floor =3 / first floor= 1 second floor =1
Todi approx.2 ,4 km

Ground floor ,living and dining rooms with access to the garden and the woods:
1 living room with pool table, 1 dining room with table for 12, tv room, common areas, kitchen, cellar, small bathroom, private chapel and library with a guided tour upon request,
Floor 1
The “Boudoir” living room, three double bedrooms, 1 single room, 2 bathrooms.
Floor 2
2 double bedrooms, 1 bedroom with twin beds, 1 single room, 1 bathroom
Air Conditioning or ceiling fan in each room.
Pool area:
Sun beds and chairs are provided.
Wi-Fi, Internet , central heating, Breakfast nook, Chimney, Hairdryer,
Sat tv, stereo , washing machine, dishwasher.
Activities : Walks and Excursion on horse, Truffle hunting, Knitting and Sewing, Yoga
Cuisine, Tastings ,Guided Tours, Tranfers.
Pets: welcome

todi dimora broglino  - dimore storiche italiane

Villa il Broglino is located on the via Tiberina, about 2 kilometers from the town of Todi. It is a rare historical testimony of Suburban Villa surrounded by a recent building development.
In the back of the villa is a 2-hectare forest made of oaks, maritime pine trees, laurels and acacias. Some of which are actually secular trees.
The fields that roll from the back of the property down the valley are home to the farming activities of the estate, including the young olive grove.
Scattered around the property are fragments of Classical Times such as a crest of the Todi Castle, the front of a fountain dating back to 1589, three other stone fountains and a sandstone sitting area dating back to the 1700s.
By the information gathered from historical documents, from the structure of the walls and some of the décor we can date the first building activity of the villa back to the XVI Century.
In the year 1632 a chapel was built on the side of the 1500’s villa by the noble Lady Gabriella Valenti from Terni who already owned three other aristocratic buildings in the town of Todi.
By studying the structure of the wall and the design of the beams in the Sacristy the chapel was obviously built in preexisting rooms which were originally dedicated to every day life.
The exquisite chapel stands out for its ornaments, the conservation of the furniture and for a beautiful niche that contains a Marian nativity scene which is the object of great devotion. In the small Sacristy there is a sink with a ceramic ewer.
In 1709 Villa il Broglino becomes the property of Filippo Antonio Gualtieri who was ordained Bishop of Todi that same year. The new owner made some further architectural changes to the original villa.
The main part of the villa becomes higher than the chapel and the coat of arms of the Gualtieri family appears on the façade.
The first floor is characterized by the two large rooms with vault ceilings. The first one contains original decorations which depict an old view of the town of Todi.
The second room contains a fresco on the ceiling, in the middle of the vault, depicting the Myth of Ganymede and the remains of another monochrome fresco which dates further back.
During the last restoration some Roman rural and suburban landscape decorations dating back to the 1600s were found.
At the beginning of the 1800s the entire estate becomes property of the Angeli family who still own it today.
Villa il Broglino and the surrounding park are protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for their historic and artistic value.
In 2015 it was declared Home of the City of Todi, or Casa Comunale di Todi.

viaggi todi dimora  - dimore storiche italiane

Number of people: 9/10
Floors 3 (about 450 mq )
Dining and Living Room : ground floor =3 / first floor= 1 second floor =1
Todi approx.2 ,4 km
Ground floor ,living and dining rooms with access to the garden and the wood:
1 living room with pool table, 1 dining room with table for 12, tv room, common areas,kitchen, cellar, small bathroom, private chapel and library with a guided tour on request,
Floor 1
The “Boudoir” living room, three double bedrooms, 1 single room, 2 bathrooms.
Floor 2
2 double badrooms, 1 bedrooms with twin beds, 1 single room, 1 bathroom
Air Conditioning or ceiling fan in each room.
Pool area:
sun bed and chairs are provided.
Wi-Fi, Internet ,Centralized warming,Breakfast nook,Chimney,Hairdryer,
Sat tv , stereo , washingmachine, dishwascher
Activies : Walks and Excursion on horse,Truffle hunting,Knitting and Sewing,Yoga
Cuisine,Tastings ,Guided Tours ,Tranfers
Pets: welcome

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General Info

  • Swimming Pool :
  • Wellness SPA :
  • Facilities for Disabled People :
  • Wi-Fi :
  • Pets Allowed :
  • Park or Garden :


  • Rooms : 4
  • Beds : 10
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 400€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : 2400€
  • Price per Day (Room) : N.A.
  • Price per Week (Room) : N.A.

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 4
  • Seats : 120

Movie Set

  • Outdoor :
  • Indoor :
  • Garden :
  • Swimming Pool :
  • Heavy Vehicles Allowed :


  • Tickets : 20€
  • Open on : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  • Opening times : 10-13
  • Bookshop :
  • Guided Tours :
Villa Il Broglino

Region : Umbria

Province : PG

City : Todi

Address : Via Tiberina, 260

ZIP Code : 06059

Visit Website

Telephone: 00399 3356829635

Places of interest nearby:

Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio, Spoleto, Orvieto, Montecastello di Vibio, Deruta, Spello, Norcia, Lago Trasimeno, Isola maggiore.
Only two hours from Rome, Florence.

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