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The Bossi Estate, is the most important farm of the Gondi, an ancient Florentine family of which there are records dating from the thirteenth century. Was bought by Gondi’s family in 1592, in its 315 ha., of which 19 ha. of vineyards, 32 ha. of olive groves, woods and cereal. It’s situated in the heart of the Chianti Rufina, famous wine region since the Renaissance, at 18 Km from Florence.

In the second half of the eighteenth century, Niccolo Antonio Gondi, expanded and enriched the villa, with baroque decorations, and the small existing chapel became a real church with three altars.
The Villa Bossi in the mid 1800s was restored, by Maria De Labruguière Gondi, a French noble widow, who moved with his two children in the country. She, as well as to build the central hall, did raise the villa of one floor, enlarged the cellars by building a large room, under the garden, equipped for vinification, which is accessed through a staircase that branches off from the aging room. Finally, she equipped a large park with the Lebanon cedars.

The ground floor of the villa, along with the park where are towering the cedars of Lebanon, are the perfect place for corporate events, weddings, meetings, conferences, fashion shows and film sets.
We organize guided tours, at the centuries-old wine cellar and at the orciaia. You can taste and buy wine and oil.
The company have also an Agriturism, consisting of 7 apartments finely restored from 2 to 12 beds (for a total of 46). All apartments have Wifi, garden, barbecue, private parking.

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One of the most important Estates of the Gondi is the Villa Bossi in Pontassieve, that the family still owns from 1592. It belonged to the family Tolomei, the house was bought by Bartolomeo di Bernardo Gondi for 7,500 lire.

In the second half of the eighteenth century, with Niccolò Antonino Gondi, Bossi’s villa was extensively rebuild, enlarged and enriched with sumptuous Baroque decorations, and the small existing chapel became a real church with three altars, the largest functioning organ through a bellows, the lateral choirs, in one of these took place the family and one for houseworkes, a large sacristy in the back of the church. In this church are the tombs of all the Gondi who owned this house from that moment on. The appearance of large residence is delivered us by a drawing of Raphael Paganelli (1744-1810).

The two protruding bodies of the villa encircled a central courtyard open to the valley transformed then into the living room. A double staircase, which no longer exists, was leading to the main floor of the main elevated.

The Bossi Villa took on a role of greater importance for the family in the mid-800, when it was restored and transformed by closing the central courtyard open to the valley, from the young widow of Francis Gondi, Maria De Labruguière, a French nobleman, who do not set very well in Florence at the time, she preferred to spend much time in the country, along with the two children. She, besides to build the central hall, did raise the villa of one floor, enlarged the cellars by building a large room, under the garden, equipped for vinification and which was reached by a long stairway that branched off from the aging room. The cellar was buried, in part, the whole basement to have a more stable temperature both in winter and in summer, she equipped a large park with the cedars of Lebanon and many oaks, and an Italian-style garden opposite the villa.

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At the Bossi Estate , we offer:

  • Guided tours of the historic wineries
  • Tasting of wines and olive oil of own production
  • Overnight stay in the 7 apartments
  • Events

prices are to be agreed with the property

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Events and Weddings

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  • Seats : 150

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Villa Bossi Estate

Region : Tuscany

Province : FI

City : Pontassieve

Address : Via dello stracchino, 32

ZIP Code : 50065

Visit Website

Telephone: 0039 055 8317830

Places of interest nearby:

Tenuta Bossi is located in the heart of the Chianti Rufina, which is only 18 km from the centre of Florence, where you can visit the beauty of the Renaissance.
At the same time is about 10 km from Fiesole, a town famous for the Roman theater, however, the whole valley of the Sieve Valley is important because rich in castles, villas, churches of all ages, among which definitely stands out the Trebbio Castle or the Church of the Madonna del Sasso or the convent of Vallombrosa.

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