Tower Almonte

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Torre Almonte lays on top of a hill and offers a unique observation point on the unspoiled Umbrian landscape. The castle is part of a group of strongholds around Todi and includes an original body – a squared tower built in the late 12th century and then expanded in the 14th century. The inside which still has the 14th century original light sources and the characteristics of a charming 19th century accommodation has been recently restored in order to offer a simple yet refined hospitality. Guests will find high quality comfort and enjoy the special experience of living their holidays in a medieval tower. The five floors which culminate in a breath-taking panoramic terrace of 24 meters in height have been converted to suites and apartments. Each room, although keeping its original architectural features – terracotta and white travertine marble floorings, beamed ceilings, sandstone fireplaces –, has a unique furnishing that skillfully combines family furniture with design pieces. The tower offers 6 bedrooms (which can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests) but can also be rented as a whole. Each guest can enjoy large halls while relaxing in total privacy in intimate spaces. The tower is surrounded by a secular park, where the owners have reinstated the structure of the 19th century garden enriched by a wide and precious antique roses collection. Plunged in the green is also the 18th century recently restored small chapel, particularly inviting for any religious celebration. It is also possible to relax in the design pool and enjoy the sight of the near old olive grove framed in breathtaking sunsets. The current owners personally take care of the management and organization of the tower. All the convivial moments – from breakfast served in the ground floor hall to lunch and dinner served in the terrace or in the park – are carefully thought up to let the guests experience the best wine and food traditions and local products. Particular attention is paid to the furnishing and the design which contribute to make the guests’ stay unique and unforgettable.

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Tower Almonte is a significant example of a suitable construction that meets requirements of military defense in the Middle Ages, and the housing needs, and is still today one of the peculiar points of the “crown of castels” of the territory of Todi.

From the end of XII century, Torre Almonte was the dwelling of the noble family Atti, and the coat of arms in stone in walled very high up on the facade (a palm dattiri or dactyls with a rampant lion standing, from one side and the other side).

The building is made from two different bodies. The body A is a square tower which was built, like many other similar spread in the territory of Todi, between the late twelfth and early thirteenth century; while the second body, which is an extension of the first, seems to date from the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century. The interior retains the primitive front door of the body A; otherwise the space division it’s homogeneous on the five levels of the building.

As mentioned, Torre Almonte belonged to the famous and powerful Atti family of Todi, owner of several fortresses around the city. The name can be traced back to Almonte Almonte Bartolomeo (born in the late fourteenth century), who was responsible for the expansion of the original watchtower.

Was Ludovico, son of Almonte of Giovan Bernardino, husband of Elena Matalucci who gave as dowry the fortress of Frontignano, with all the relevant funds and the related buildings, to his daughter Barbara when she married Felice Tobioli. With this marriage – and the connected dation – the memory of the Atti family in Frontignano is completely blurred. From this moment the tower and the other possessions connected with, for at least two centuries, will be linked to the name of the Tobioli family.

In the second half of the the nineteenth century, the tower has been in possession of Mazzocchi-Alemanni family. In 1909 it was bought by Emilia Macciò Fani in Perugia. In 1924 it was sold to Hugh Vagniluca of Todi. Since 1988 is property of Henry Menestò and Raffaella Gabetta.

About Barbara Atti remains a poetic memory in the sonnet “Todi” by Gabriele D’Annunzio, who probably visited the tower during one of his stays in Todi, guested by Annibale Tenneroni.

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Free wifi internet
Fully equipped kitchen
Daily chambermaid and linen change once a week
Bathrooms with Jacuzzi, tub and sauna shower. Courtesy lines and bath towels
Swimming pool and towels
Parking area
TV, satellite TV, Cd player, Books

Services available on requests:
Chef service or daily mama cooking ,Breakfast ,cooking class, Truffle and wine tasting shopping service on the arrival ,Other services can be offered to be agreed with the guests: vintage cars rental, guided tours, personal shopper service, tasting menus, painting courses, personal trainer, massages and much more

Services :
Short Stays In Italy
Weekends In Italy
Vacations In Italy
Charme Hotel
Art And Cultural Events Venues In Italy
Wedding Venues
Movie Set
Tours In Italy

General Info

  • Swimming Pool :
  • Wellness SPA :
  • Facilities for Disabled People :
  • Wi-Fi :
  • Pets Allowed :
  • Park or Garden :


  • Rooms : 7
  • Beds : 13
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 1000€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : 5000€
  • Price per Day (Room) : 250€
  • Price per Week (Room) : 1300€

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 1
  • Seats : 20

Movie Set

  • Outdoor :
  • Indoor :
  • Garden :
  • Swimming Pool :
  • Heavy Vehicles Allowed :


  • Breakfast : 12€
  • Brunch : 20€
  • Lunch : 50€
  • Appetizers & Cocktails : 20€
  • Dinner : 50€


  • Tickets : 10€
  • Open on : Sat,Sun
  • Opening times : 15-18
  • Bookshop :
  • Guided Tours :
Tower Almonte

Region : Umbria

Province : PG

City : Todi

Address : Frazione Frontignano Vocabolo Torre, 1

ZIP Code : 06059

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