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The historic dwelling Il Battistero Siena is a historical house located into a notified palace in the heart of Siena, in the Baptistery Square (Piazza San Giovanni following the place names of the city). This square has been chosen as a filming set of many famous movies, the last of which Letters to Juliet.
It’s in this very same square, that we decided to give new life to an ancient building, creating a historic dwelling that has immediately been included into the prestigious Michelin Guide.
The historic dwelling is accessible from Piazza San Giovanni and expands inside Palazzo Landi, from where you can enjoy unrivalled views as the unfinished baptistery of Siena (from the rooms overlooking the baptistery), the Basilica of San Domenico and the Basilica of Santa Caterina, and even the roofs of the city (some rooms have a terrace). As part of the historic dwelling, there are also some rooms above the arch of Diacceto, one of the most charming places of the city.
It is precisely in this building that in 1439 the famous architect Francesco Di Giorgio Martini was born, and Le Corbusier chose this place as accommodation for his stay in Siena in 1907.
The fascinating location of the accommodation makes this antique house the ideal place for a pleasant stay in Siena, in a historical and charming dwelling without exceeding in an ostentatious luxury.
Piazza San Giovanni is the one that from Piazza del Campo goes through Via dei Pellegrini leading to the Cathedral square. Nevertheless, the Cathedral square is reachable directly from Piazza San Giovanni, climbing up the marble stairs dated 1451, where it is said that Santa Caterina fell while fighting the Devil, who was trying to lead her in temptation.
On the ground floor there is a delicious wine boutique, where there is an accurate selection of the best and finest Tuscan wines.
Underneath the wine shop, there is a spectacular wine cellar built in brick and tuff, in which you can experience an exclusive wine tasting. Here you can also admire the medieval aqueduct that was once connected to the “bottino” of Santa Maria della Scala.
Each room is characterized by its own peculiarities: some by a more modern style, where you will find paintings of contemporary art, others by a more traditional style, where there are original prints of Siena and the Palio dating back to XVII and XVIII centuries, or ancient geographical maps.
Needless to say, all rooms are equipped with all the modern comforts, such as anti-noise windows (although this is a limited traffic area), tv, wifi and air conditioning. A delicious breakfast is prepared every morning with organic and strictly Tuscan products.
In addition, connected to Il Battistero Siena, there is a large apartment located in another notified palace and adjacent to the prestigious Chigi Music Academy.

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The historic house Il Battistero Siena expands within the Landi Palace. Thanks to a renovation which took place in the course of 2016, some parts of the building have been transformed into an elegant historic dwelling, respecting the traditional arrangement of spaces and finding innovative solutions to avoid damaging some ancient floors.
Over the centuries, from being a medieval house the palace became the famous Hotel La Scala, one of the first hotels in Siena, lying in front of San Giovanni staircase.
It is precisely in this building that the architect Francesco Di Giorgio Martini was born and grown up (1439-1501), as remembered by a statue carved by Fulvio Corsini in 1902 and now located between the two windows of the room “Francesco Di Giorgio”, which is part of the residence.
In 1907 the La Scala hosted the architect Le Corbusier during his youthful trip to Italy. In the guestrooms of the current historical residence, the architect realized a number of drawings and sketches of Siena and its glimpses. The originals are preserved and exhibited in Paris at the Le Corbusier Foundation, which, exceptionally, agreed to reproduce some copies, now exhibited in various parts of the historic dwelling.
Furthermore, in the Palazzo Landi, located below the window of the room “Alessandro VII”, you can see a tombstone with Chigi family’s emblem. It’s been located in the building during the restoration of 1657, thanks to the relationship that bound Fabio Chigi (1599-1667), who later became Pope AlessandroVII, to Alfonso Landi, owner of the Palace and professor of Humanitas at the university of Siena, as well as the author of the famous writing “Il racconto del Duomo di Siena”. To him, the Pope granted the plenary indulgence.

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The main service offered by Il Battistero Siena is the overnight stay and breakfast.
Furthermore, adding services are fine wines direct sale and wine tastings in the subterranean cellar. A certified sommelier will be at your disposal to help you on the choice.
There’s also the possibility to visit the ancient aqueduct, that lies underneath the property and reachable from the wine shop.

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  • Rooms : 12
  • Beds : 25
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 2000€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : 10000€
  • Price per Day (Room) : 150€
  • Price per Week (Room) : 800€

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 3
  • Seats : 30

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Il Battistero

Region : Tuscany

Province : SI

City : Siena

Address : Piazza San Giovanni, 12

ZIP Code : 53100

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Telephone:  0039 0577 288921 0039 338 8896972

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