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Former residence of the Orsini and Borgia is located in the heart of Rome between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo. It was built in the thirteenth century and mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Welcomes you to its picturesque courtyard and its magnificent seventeenth-century fountain.

In the halls of the Ala Baroque, beautifully furnished with antique furniture, thanks to the presence of a remarkable art gallery, one is enveloped by the charm and elegance of its old houses. Palazzo Taverna is the perfect place for weddings, cocktail parties, business lunches, meetings and exclusive business meetings. The restaurant service is personally looked after by Stefanina Aldobrandini that for over 20 years in numerous palaces, villas, castles before it, manages, thanks to highly qualified staff and the use of tablecloths, china, antique silverware and vintage livery to recreating an atmosphere of glitz and efficiency that recalls the hospitality of large private houses of yesteryear.

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The Palazzo Taverna, located in Monte Giordano, in the heart of Rome, between Piazza Navona and Castel S. Angelo, was built in the fifteenth century on the ruins of Giordano Orsini fortress (mentioned by Dante, Inf. XVIII, 99), by where Orsini dominated the area until the bank of the Tiber.

The palace since then will be the reference point for the “representation” of the family policy. It was the residence of ambassadors and cardinals (Ippolito d’Este received there Bernardo and Torquato Tasso, Cardinal Luciano Bonaparte, Napoleon’s great-grandson, gave hospitality to the Empress Eugenie and her father Gioacchino Belli who entertained the guests with his sonnets). Bought by Maurizio of Savoy, who strove to embellish it, passed in early 1600 to Gabrielli which introduced some changes giving it its current appearance; Finally, the last change of ownership took place in favor of the Taverna.

A short climb through the high portal, leading to the picturesque courtyard; is situated in front of an elegant fountain A. Casoni (1615), it consists of four successive tanks and surrounded by a thick semicircular bay, which characterizes one of the most secret and peculiar corners of Rome. Immediately to the right, after all, it is nineteenth century buildings of medieval and Renaissance style. With “Augusta Tower” (1880) and a large living room, on the opposite side, through a portal architrave of the Renaissance, we arrive at a beautiful courtyard with an outside staircase, a porch and three large arches on columns with capitals purposes (sec. XV) and an upper loggia, partly walled.

Inside, in the great halls of the main floor representation, besides the valuable antique furniture, you can admire the collection of paintings by Sebastiano Ricci and Rosa da Tivoli.

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Palazzo Taverna

Region : Lazio

Province : RM

City : Roma

Address : Via di Monte Giordano, 36

ZIP Code : 00186

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