Palazzo Monti della Corte in Franciacorta

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Nestled in the heart of Franciacorta, surrounded by lush vineyards and rolling hills, Palazzo Monti della Corte for over four centuries hosts lavish receptions for guests of the family in an elegant and romantic.
Always been a reference point for culture and politics of this region, Palazzo Monti della Corte is the ideal location events of different types, from weddings to gala dinners, from corporate meetings to concerts and exhibitions.
Striking architecture and a huge park welcome guests who can enjoy this incredible combination of history, art and nature.

This location offers a spacious layout and attention to detail, featuring elegant furnishings and period decorations.

In the summer and spring months the sublime landscaped garden and the adjacent hall in Sarnico stone create an intimate and refined. The facade of the Palace every spring is transformed thanks to the fragrant jasmine.
The great seventeenth-century staircase in Sarnico stone, which takes guests to the two halls of the building representation, suited to house floral and photo shoots for effect shots.

The gallery, filled with gilded mirrors, extends the entire length of the facade with large windows overlooking the garden. In the middle of the gallery opens the Blue Room with stucco frames in a time and a large fireplace. Using both the main floor rooms can accommodate up to 200 guests seated at the table.

The red room is a large dining room features a large fireplace in black Belgian marble and a huge chandelier of Murano. The lobby and the Red Room are the rooms cool during the hot season and can also repair guests in case of bad weather, offering a perfect alternative to the aperitif in the garden.

The huge park is characterized by a secular garden with manicured gravel paths and lush flower beds, and situated beside the vineyards of the family Monti della Corte, ideal as a photo shoot. In front of the facade of the building, covered with wisteria, Virginia creeper and jasmine is the perfect place to receive guests, in fact, the park is an ideal point of reception and aperitif.
Opposite the palace is the car park that overlooks the garden.

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The building in its present form dates back to the ‘600, but there are traces of the oldest buildings. It is very closed, with few openings, sign of a probable climate of fear of the time. Rodolengo Della Corte, the last of the family, at the beginning of ‘700 bridal Flaminia Monti, but he died without children. All the assets are inherited from a Monti, who has since called Monti Della Corte. At the door you see the crests of the mountains, Della Corte, of Federici and Peroni, families with strong relationships and plots. The most famous member of the family is Alessandro Monti.
Born in 1818 in Vienna where he was educated in the Austrian army as an officer. In 1848 he leaves the army and sided with the “insurgents” Italian. It was sent to Hungary, where he became a hero of the revolution. His wife Sara Willshire, English, restructuring the English garden. A staircase leads to the gallery, which houses the family paintings. Between the ground floor and the first floor there is a small mezzanine, where the servants lived and worked.
In 1923 he was inaugurated the Private Chapel of St. Cornelius, the third century martyr and considered the ancestor of Della Corte. The used architectural style is classic of the ‘700. Previously maybe there was some other chapel. In this day the library is stored on a wall a signature Tito Speri. The Palazzo Monti della Corte, as you see today is 1600, but already in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries here was a frescoed chapel dedicated to St. Martin (patron saint of Nigoline) who also worked as a parish function, since 1532, until it was built (1578-1619) the new church right here in front (it was inaugurated in 1620, the facade, however, is of 1828 and was blessed in 1912 by Mons. Geremia Bonomelli).

“Della Corte” probably stands for “De Curte Ishi ‘, according to an ancient document, which does suggest a branch of the family of Oldofredi Iseo. I Monti came to Nigoline in the last century and in this house held the upper room of the best intellectuals and political Brescia and Italian with the likes of Cesare Arici, Rodolfo Vantini, the Ugoni brethren, Aleardi and Ugo Foscolo (to name but a few). Here it was also Tito Hope in 1849 after the “ten days of Brescia” and before the gallows of Belfiore in Mantua. In those heroic days, in fact, they fought at his side Alessandro Monti and his brother, the eighteen year old Flaminio.
Among the personalities also nigolinese Geremia Bonomelli (then bishop of Cremona) that here he learned the history of Italy, and was formed in a few guiding ideas.
The enthusiasm lived in Franciacorta for companies of the Thousand (evidenced by the erection in Iseo of the first monument in Italy dedicated to Garibaldi) within these walls was widely shared set of cultural tensions and ideological policies that led to the unification of Italy . Today the property is D’Ansembourg.

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Palazzo Monti della Corte is always and only exclusively and is home to only one event at a time. Rents its space for organizing various events, no restaurant service but has internal kitchens and provides its personnel for managing the car park and the cleaning of the environment, in addition to a consolidated network of collaborators and suppliers.
The interior spaces available enable you to create parties up to a maximum of 250 people: 140 gallery seats and blue room adjoining 60 seats and rough ground floor room 50 seats. Outside you can organize events with more than 300 guests.
The time restrictions are as follows: a music outside must be turned off before midnight, as in town. Guests can still continue to listen to music and dance in the red room until 2 am, which is the maximum time.

Rates for the rent of the building:
from 13 to 20-> 3000 €
from 13 to midnight -> 3500 €
from 18 pm to 2 night-> 3000 €

Recall that tables and chairs are not provided because those organizing the event is studying an ad hoc solution with the designated catering.

Services :
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Movie Set

General Info

  • Swimming Pool :
  • Wellness SPA :
  • Facilities for Disabled People :
  • Wi-Fi :
  • Pets Allowed :
  • Park or Garden :


  • Rooms : 2
  • Beds : 3
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 3000€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : N.A.
  • Price per Day (Room) : 150€
  • Price per Week (Room) : N.A.

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 3
  • Seats : 250

Movie Set

  • Outdoor :
  • Indoor :
  • Garden :
  • Swimming Pool :
  • Heavy Vehicles Allowed :
Palazzo Monti della Corte in Franciacorta

Region : Lombardy

Province : BS

City : Corte Franca

Address : Nigoline, Contrada della Corte, 1

ZIP Code : 25040

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Telephone: 0039 030 9826142
Mobile: 0039 333 48836820039 329 6765580

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