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An house museum opened in 2013 in Perugia town center, in the palace where the degli Oddi Counts dynasty lived for more than three centuries.

While the sober and elegant façade was completed in 1768, the original building structure dates back to 1540: the main hall at the ground floor still preserves the original cotto tiles and the ceiling painted on wooden beams. A mannerist style XVI century frescos decoration adorns the main hall at the ground floor: the family history and deeds are narrated in 16 scenes, separated by some gracious figures representing Apollo, the Muses and the theological Virtues.

Approaching to the XVI century lodge, overlooking the beautiful garden, one can admire the frescos on the vault, commissioned in 1813 to celebrate the Emperor Francis I visit to the family.
A second representative hall at the noble floor was originally a dance hall: admiring the frescoed frieze with patrician coats of arms and some beautiful painted wood benches from the XVII centuries, one can experience a magic dive into past, imaging ladies with long gowns gracefully dancing. A XVIII genealogical three shows the family feudal estates, while the coat of arms with the rampant blue Lion and the family motto ‘Miti mitis’ (=we are meek with those who are meek) stand out on the wall.

The so called ‘Ladies Apartment’ conserves the ancient furnishing from XVI , XVII and XIX century. One can appreciate the interior design evolution during the centuries, enjoying also some XVIII century colorfully canvas representing Greek and Romans. A rich painting collection includes demonstrative pieces of different artistic currents, from the first part of XVII (Luigi Scaramuccia, Francesco del Cairo) to the late XIX centuries.

A fascinating little study room, belonged to Maria Vittoria degli Oddi, still conserves the original floor and the silk tapestry, in addition to the marchioness’s furnishings, diaries and memories.

Furnishings clothes and accessories from the late XIX centuries disclose perfectly habits and commons of an aristocratic family in the past. The family portraits wink to the visitors, while painting from XVI and XVII centuries adorn the widow bedroom, among which stand out the contemporary copy of Tiziano’s Danae.

Clothes, accessories, postcards and various items from the early ‘900 are also exposed. The romantic and familiar atmosphere one can breathe is a rare example of a patrician Italian house: the time seems have stopped in the degli Oddi Palace.

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The Palazzo degli Oddi, then Marini Clarelli, today House Museum, rises in the heart of Perugia at street number 84 of Via dei Priori, on the side of the square that until the end of the nineteenth century was called “Piazza degli Oddi”.

The Palace is in the district of Porta Santa Susanna, where the Oddi family have always lived since the medieval period, in one of the five “regal roads” which, at that time, radiated from “Piazza Grande”. The palace was built in the sixteenth century after Guido degli Oddi had purchased another “domus” in 1444 with a tower and a garden that allowed its erection.

As a proof of this first phase there is only the ground-floor drawing room, with its wooden-beam ceiling, which was elegantly painted at the beginning of the seventeenth century. The seventeenth-century great hall, the ancient structures of the former late-Renaissance building and the remains of the medieval houses were then unified in the late eighteenth century after the enlargement of the Palace and the construction of the main façade, completed in 1768.

From the architectural point of view, the palace façade comprises severity, grandeur and elegance with clear string-courses that surround the main floor and a beautiful main entrance where a stone mirror announces that the palace is the “Hostel degli Oddi”.

At the end of the nineties and in the early years of the new century, the palace was subjected to important restoration work which allowed it to recover its past magnificence.

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Free guided tours of the Palace are offered every Monday from 4 pm to 5.30 pm and every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 12 am, in Italian and English. It’s also possible to book a guided tour for groups or specific demands at different times.

A beautiful frescoed hall at the ground floor it’s available for events, concerts and book launches, even more than some adjacent rooms can be used for exhibitions and refreshments.

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Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation

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City : Perugia

Address : Via dei Priori, 84

ZIP Code : 06123

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fondazione marini clarelli santi - dimore storiche italiane

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