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Dimora delle Balze is an ancient nineteenth-century estate in the province of Noto (Sr). Built by a noble family from Palazzolo Acreide who used it as farm and summer residence, it was later abandoned for more than 50 years, to be finally bought by the current owners.
Thanks to an accurate preservative restoration, which harmoniously blends contemporary and mediterranean taste, a detailed research of unique items, vintage and design elements, the guest can feel pampered by a homey atmosphere and breath through the ancient flaked walls, the floors, and the original frescoes, the old mediterranean tradition and the farmer’s culture, synthesis of the various island’s invasions.
Walking through the interiors and the exteriors, which extend to about 25 hectares, one has the feeling to be back to childhood and to find himself in a world still to discover, thanks to the energy conveyed by the care of the details, the ancient frescoes, the original vaults and the traditional colours which make Dimora delle Balze a unique place. The ancient estate, therefore, involves all the senses by offering colours, perfumes and unique tastes.
The original architecture has been preserved. In fact, there still are the three original courts. The first has a Modica stone flooring which reminds of the former farms’ character. This court is overlooked by 7 rooms, each with an adjacent terrace, and, at last, thanks to his quadrangular structure, it can host up to 150 people. The second court, called “Giardino D’ Inverno” (Winter Garden) is an ideal relax area thanks to the ancient walls which surround it, but it can host up to 180 people for an event. Lastly, inside the court we can find the Manger, overlooked by one of the bedrooms, which was formerly the henhouse. The third and last court is the “Giardino Padronale” (Manor Garden), where we find ancient pillars of classical taste and a splendid panorama on the Manghisi river and the Valley. This is the ideal place to host up to 100 people.
The “Lounge” area, the “Piscina” (swimming pool) area and the “Limonaia” (lemon orchard) are suggestive and fascinating places where to host up to 300 people, to enjoy the view of the barren landscape which surrounds this place and smell the inebriating perfumes of the lemons and the jasmines.
The internal spaces are composed of 12 rooms of different sizes, from 25 to 40 square metres, each different from the other and with attention to the smallest detail, whose names are a homage to the Sicilian artists who made the name of this wonderful region famous. In addition, we can find 3 salons with different functions and with the possibility to host 30 people in each space.
Walking under the original arches, the first salon we see is the “Salone Verde” (Green Salon), designed for breakfast, the second is the “Salone Azzurro” (Light blue Salon), the ideal place for a relaxing reading, and the third is the “Salone Rosa” (Pink Salon), also called the Game Salon.
Adjacent to the salons we find the “Mangiatoia” (Manger), where the furniture of mediterranean taste and elements with an evocative design make it suitable for interactions and convivial moments during meals.
The big dimensions and the originality of this suggestive place make it ideal to host weddings, vernissages, photo exhibitions, fashion shows, stage events, photo shootings, movie sets and many more, hosting up to 300 people, far from the noises of everyday life.

dimora balze sicilia  - dimore storiche italiane

The current Dimora delle Balze has a secular history. In fact, the first part was built at the beginning of the 19th century and then, when the estate was bought by a noble family from Palazzolo Acreide, it was enlarged and then abandoned for almost 50 years, to be finally bought by the current owners in 2009.
The place on which the Dimora was built is permeated with history, as documented by Mara Morrone’s book, “Massa, massari e masserie siracusane”. After the facts of the Italian Risorgimento, the southern farmlands became the place where gangs and brigands used to gather, whose number grew bigger and bigger because of the many draft dodgers during the Savoy years. The noble estate owners were forced to make them inaccessible to criminals, by building high surrounding walls, solid guard-houses and defensive embrasures, still recognizable today. Because of this, the place was named “Passo Latru”, that is “Passo Ladro” (Thief Pass). In fact, in the estate area and in the adjoining areas there are many caves dug into the rock, which were used by brigands to hide themselves or to prepare ambushes.
In ancient times, Dimora delle Balze was not only used by the noble owners as summer residence, but it was also as a place where to keep animals and farm the land. Today, in fact, 14 of the 27 hectares of the Dimora are still cultivable and 100% Bio certified.
Formerly, the great farm gathered around a big quadrangular court in natural stone. The left side was destined to the farmer’s housing, the storage and the stables. Today, thanks to a preservative restoration, we can find the reception and numerous rooms, each with a terrace adjacent to the court, which was also restored by keeping faith to its original architecture. The right side was, on the other hand, the owner’s residence, where an ancient gate led to a garden in which benches were placed under an arbour supported by classical columns, restored and still present today, which overlooked the Valley and the Manghisi river.
The residence was composed by numerous and wide frescoed rooms, which the current owners decided to restore faithfully by using lime colours. The kitchen area had an elevated pantry and a big oven, which are still there. Outside there was a solid guard-house, refined by characteristic battlements; today there is a bedroom from which you can admire the Valley, The Valle dei carrubi (Carob trees valley) and the swimming pool area.
After a thorough preservative restoration, inside the Dimora you can breathe the ancient atmosphere and the humble farmers work, taking the guest back in time by harmoniously counterposing contemporaneity and Sicilian traditions, influenced by Corinthians, Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs invasions, which occurred from 652 on.
In addition, Dimora delle Balze is situated on the altopiano degli Iblei (Iblei higland), not far from Palazzolo Acreide, a city in the Val di Noto, recognised as a Unesco world heritage site in 2002 for its baroque churches.

sicilia dimora noto  - dimore storiche italiane

With its 27 hectares of extension, Dimora delle Balze aims to be the ideal place where to organise weddings, vernissages, photo exhibitions, fashion shows, stage events, photo shootings, movie sets and much more, hosting up to 300 people. In the internal spaces we find three salons, each with the possibility to host up to 30 people. By renting 8 of the 12 rooms or the whole Dimora, the guest will enjoy the numerous services offered by the estate, such as the fitness area adjacent to the swimming pool, the SPA, free WiFi, daily room cleaning service with evening tidying service, warm/cold air conditioning, hair dryer, satellite TV, personalised toiletries, safe, minibar, and a kettle with a selection of infusions. Pets are allowed.
In the external spaces of this ancient farm, the guests will be able to take exciting walks in the wood and visit the antique caves.
Bakery, photography and gastronomy workshops are periodically held by important experts.
But the possibilities offered by the Dimora are not over: in fact, many excursions are organised for its guests in places of cultural interest such as Siracusa, Ragusa, Noto Taormina, Scicli and many more places of art.
For the more active guests the Dimora offers sailing tours, rafting and climbing in the Valley of Anapo and Cavagrande, or excursions with the fishermen.
Its position makes it easy to reach many seaside resorts such as the nature reserve of Marzamemi, Fontane Bianche (White Fountains), Lido di Sacramento and Marina di Noto.
The guests will also benefit from other services, such as airport transfer or rides for the excursions. In addition, it is possible to access the estate with big means of transport, since there is plenty of parking.

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General Info

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  • Wellness SPA :
  • Facilities for Disabled People :
  • Wi-Fi :
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  • Rooms : 12
  • Beds : 31
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 5500€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : 38000€
  • Price per Day (Room) : N.A.
  • Price per Week (Room) : N.A.

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 4
  • Seats : N.A.

Movie Set

  • Outdoor :
  • Indoor :
  • Garden :
  • Swimming Pool :
  • Heavy Vehicles Allowed :


  • Breakfast : inclusa€
  • Brunch : da definire€
  • Lunch : 70-90€
  • Appetizers & Cocktails : da definire€
  • Dinner : 90-120€
Countryhouse Dimora delle Balze

Region : Sicily

Province : SR

City : Noto

Address : Strada Statale 287, Km 6+000

ZIP Code : 69017

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Telephone: 0039 340 2171525

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