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castello miradolo - dimore storiche italiane

The Cosso Foundation was born in 2008 in Pinerolo and aims at developing culture and art, scientific and humanistic research and at promoting the territory in Piedmont.
Most of the projects such as exhibitions, performances, concerts, educational trainings and social activities are held in the areas that are in under repair in Miradolo Castle. The Foundation tries to offer a new reality to those who wish to join its projects bringing out the potential of the territory and increasing the value of its assets by diversifying its lines of action.

Miradolo castle is a building located at the beginning of the Chisone’s Valley, made up by two parts: a noble residence and a rustic part dated between the 17th and 18th century. Miradolo Castle was a property of the family Massel and Cacherano di Bricherasio.

The park of the Castle spreads over six hectares and still shows the planning choices made at the end of the 18th century and the ones applied for its extension during the 19th century. The park is based on the informal English garden and has an oval shape embellished with gorgeous vegetation around a large central lawn giving the landscape a romantic look.

At the entrance, visitors can admire spectacular Taxodiums. The central lawn is enclosed in a hedge of boxwood embracing the guests, who can quietly stroll along the path and admire the old Taxus, the high Sequoia, the vast Bamboo wood and the historical Ginkgo Biloba. Many waterways and a favourable climate make it an area of interest with ecological relevance as the park is the ideal habitat for many animal and vegetal species.

Following major refurbishment projects, since 2007 the Park hosts again some important botanical Collections. Countess Sofia of Bricherasio, last descendant of the Counts of Bricherasio was a great expert of arts and nature. She chose for the park romantic ancient Roses, rare Hydrangeas and elegant Camellias.

The Greenhouse is located on the southwest side of the Castle. The structure of the Greenhouse has an harmonious and well balanced design typical of the 18th century Castle.
An extraordinary area is now available thanks to the restructuring of the original volumes and materials where the neogothical arches and the large windows let the light in. The Greenhouse is now an area of the Castle hosting concerts, conferences, workshops and various kind of performances.

castello miradolo pinerolo - dimore storiche italiane

Subsequently, in the second part of the 18th century, the Castle was redesigned and enlarged.
To the scope of bringing out the architectural volumes, a deep historical research has been undertaken by Cosso Fondation in order to rebuild the memory of the Castle, both through the archive files and the most recent oral testimonies.

The first piece of information links the history of the Castle, originally called a dairy farm, to the family of Macello who, even without a feudal estate were the most important land owners in the region. Giovanni Battista Macello modified his family name from Macello to Massel and subsequently enlarged his estate acquiring the marquisate of Caresana.

In the year 1866 marquise Teresa Massel got married to Luigi of the Counts Cacherano di Bricherasio, who as marriage gift did restructure the old and rustic “farm” and transformed it in a noble residence of neogothic taste, as we can still see today.
From their marriage union were born Sofia and Emanuele. The last-one, who died before his time in 1904, was among the founding members of FIAT, the first large car industry in Italy. Sofia, who is remembered for his intellectual and social engagement, was pupil of Lorenzo Delleani, regular guest of the cultural artists meeting place created by Sofia.

The Countess Sofia di Bricherasio, last of the family, died in 1950 leaving Miradolo Castle to the Religious Order of San Marzano of Don Orione, which transformed the Castle in a reception for spiritual exercises. In the following years, several buildings works have been realized not in respect of the original plan. Later on the Castle was abandoned.

In 2007 the estate, abandoned since the years Nineties , was acquired by a group of private persons. The new owners, wishing to bring back the origins of the Castle and to restore its history for the territory, have started a great project of repair and have given to Cosso Foundation the management of all the initiatives that can bring back the Castle as a point of cultural reference and a workshops of ideas, as it was at the time of Countess Sofia di Bricherasio.

matrimoni castelli pinerolo - dimore storiche italiane

The Castle includes an elegant cafeteria, a nice relax area that offers a rest during the visit and a meeting point for the visitors.
The cafeteria offers toasts, main courses, hot and fresh drinks and a selection of cakes, sweets and biscuits produced by the confectionery Antica Pasticeria Castino.
During spring and summer, once a month, visitors can buy meal boxes prepared with salted confectionery delicacy to have a picnic in the preferred place of the park.
During the warm seasons it is possible to relax in the dehors of the cafeteria in the protected environment of an internal courtyard. An elegant space amongst flowers and aromatic herbs.
For any event or to support institutional events or public relations, the cafeteria personnel is available to organize, on request, aperitifs, lunches or other meals.

The shop offers a wide selection of books dedicated to the art history and architecture, to potography and design, with a special attention to the Pinerolo area and Piedmont at large.
All exhibitions catalogues from 2008 to present day are available at the shop.
There is also a full section dedicated to parks, historic gardens, environment, nature, gardening.
The offer includes books for children and a selection of notebooks specially developed by Cosso Foundation to support children to visit the facility.
The bookshop offers a variety of gadgets related to exhibitions, Castle and Park.
There is also a line of accessories designed and produced in Italy specially for Cosso Foundation showing botanic drawings inspired by botany collections and the nature of the historic park as scarves and headscarves.

Private events and activities
The Castle hosts at any time private events, group activities and schools.
Personalised guided tours, catering and special events are available for institutions and public relations of companies.
The Castle includes a fully equipped meeting room: 50 places, video projector, black board, main desk, and audio; and a neogotical Greenhouse: 150 places for meetings/80 places for meals.

Visit services
The Castle hosts systematically important art exhibitions, concerts, book presentations and conferences. The Cosso Foundation personnel is available for guided tours and training activities. At the reception a variety of presentation material is available including audio tours, and paper guides.
The exhibition area and related services is accessible on wheels and a lift is available between different floors.
The park and the cafeteria are accessible to animals provided they are under control.
Photo services
The historical park and the neo-Gothic greenhouse offer picturesque environments for photo service for weddings or other events.
The Cosso Foundation is available to make offers for the Castle or Park to record ads, movies or TV events.
Outdoor parking.

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Castle of Miradolo

Region : Piedmont

Province : TO

City : San Secondo di Pinerolo

Address : Via Cardonata, 2

ZIP Code : 10060

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Fondazione Cosso Offices: 0039 0121 376545

Fax: 0039 0121 326099

Castello di Miradolo Tickets: 0039 0121 502761

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