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agriturismo unicorno  - dimore storiche italiane

L’ Unicorno rises among the vineyards, fruit and olive groves of Valtenesi. Built in 1654, it is the oldest house in the hamlet of Macesina, just a few minutes from Lake Garda. 10 rooms, each room is furnished with period style furniture.

L’ Unicorno rises among the vineyards, fruit and olive groves of Valtenesi, in the midst of three hectares of lush farmland. Built in 1654, it is the oldest house in the hamlet of Macesina, a small farming village in Bedizzole, Brescia, Western Lombardy, just a few minutes from Lake Garda. L’ Unicorno is located inside a 16th century farmhouse. The first building, constructed during the 16th century, was later embellished by a green Lombard style courtyard finished in 1777 with the well-lit gallery supported by a colonnade in local white.

Botticino marble, in turn completed by the loft in 1779. The original rooms used for farming activities: the barns with the hayloft and the cellar, like the noble wing destined for the owner’s living quarters, underwent a careful conservative restoration which has returned the dwelling to its original splendour, whilst conserving all the charm of the old.

The house blends the charm of an exclusive atmosphere from another time with the most recent techniques of biocompatible restoration and the use of the most modern renewable energy technologies. Heat regulation is driven by heat pumps fed by a photovoltaic system and integrated by a thermal solar powered system to minimise CO2 emissions. This is the philosophy which has inspired homeowners, C. & G. Becchetti Binkert, to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a revitalising holiday in total relaxation, surrounded by greenery in a healthy settin

agriturismo unicorno macesine  - dimore storiche italiane

When the morning of February 18, 1512 Gaston de Foix nephew of Louis XII of France in command of 6,000 Re between Gascon and mercenaries set fire to the city of Brescia our house in the small town of Macesina existed. Outpost of Drugolo castle withstood the siege under the command of French noble Averoldi. Witness the inscription on the stone of the remains of a Venetian sentry box found in the restoration of the walls of the old orchard.

In later times it was converted to agricultural use with the construction of the stables and the barn until the pigeon tower with attic for the storage of grain. The architecture reflects the influences of the Spanish domination of the era when the house of Bourbon in Spain dominated the neighboring duchy of Milan. Especially in the part of the inner courtyard and portico with large front door that goes on the marble keystone of Botticino date 1654 usuete with slits for the sighting and defense in an era that saw the streets and countryside swarm of Bravi and Briganti.
Entrance where then more recently will rise the old tavern “Al Vino Ugly” witness to the passing of Cardinal Borromeo a wall Santella Manzoniana memory

In 1777 it was built the large, bright gallery to Lombarda to the rooms and the largest breeding area of ​​silkworms, supported by an imposing marble colonnade of Mazzano. The date is certain from a manuscript found in the course of the restoration work in a ravine dell’assito the attic support. Written by a scribe of the time Dany Zeo on behalf of the buyer a certain Cominelli, who was the carpenter who built the wooden partitions of the lodge, it is a supplication that we have reconstructed the text from the faded ink.

In 1779 the building was completed by the superelevation of the attic and the date is determined from nonogramma that the foreman left imprinted in fresh mortar of a wall of the corridor.

From the same period are the frescoes found under a layer of plaster in one of the bedrooms intended for the couple who own era. It shows a cupids game and a wish to fertility with images of Venus. The walls are decorated with an order “trompe l’oeil”, reproducing the nearby Palazzo Arzaga, with the little church of the Forest of the Dead, the Drugolo Castle and then to Padenghe, the Rocca di Manerba, Sirmione and the Parish of SantEmiliano .

You can read the traces of Venetian domination of the Lion of St. Mark which overlooks one of the input ports from the orchard to the loggia.

The early nineteenth century the property of the Countess Virginia Cogollo Francesco Veronesi source that renews the frescoes in the dining room in the neoclassical style.

Subsequently the Macesina palace passed into property of a hungarian Officer of the Imperial Cavalry certain De Vitalitze. After 1859 with the bloody battle of Solferino and S. Martino where the Franco-Piedmontese troops defeated the Austrungariche troops that replicate outside the Lombardy territory, the house remains in the property of such official family italianized named De Vitalis and It lives up to the middle of the last century with the last heiress Miss Emilia maiden and last heir without direct descendants.
During those years the house suffers a progressive deterioration and abandonment until the end of the last century when the Cav. Luigi Becchetti entrepreneur Lumezzane now undermined in Bedizzole since 1964 with the Metals Industry, or takes over the property. E ‘in 2007 that his son Dr. Corrado and his wife Gabriella Grigionese Becchetti Binkert nor starts a thorough restoration that lasted more than five years restoring the house to its original splendor.

agriturismo macesine unicorno  - dimore storiche italiane

Our residence offers accommodation:
– In n. 10 rooms Large all decorated with antique furniture and environments that evoke themes dear to the historical and cultural tradition in the Brescia area.
– A rich buffett awaits our guests for breakfast with local products produced on our farm.
– In the restaurant named “Chiocciola” you can taste the culinary specialties of the area of Brescia made with fresh products produced on our farm and taste the wines of the Garda Classico Doc and VALTENESI we produce.
– Our House is surrounded by a 3.00-hectare park where you can find pleasant corners for your relax: The small pond of the Sirens or the angle of Baccus Ebro.
– A large swimming pool with salt water and two idromaggio sessions are accessible by a large solarium equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds luxus large.
– For our guests we offer free of charge a wide range of bicycles for touring the surrounding countryside and the banks of Lake Garda
– For lovers of Golf only 5 minutes away a beautiful golf 18 holes of the most beautiful in the region.

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General Info

  • Swimming Pool :
  • Wellness SPA :
  • Facilities for Disabled People :
  • Wi-Fi :
  • Pets Allowed :
  • Park or Garden :


  • Rooms : 11
  • Beds : 30
  • Price per Day (Whole House) : 2500€
  • Price per Week (Whole House) : N.A.
  • Price per Day (Room) : 225€
  • Price per Week (Room) : 1500€

Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 3
  • Seats : 45

Movie Set

  • Outdoor :
  • Indoor :
  • Garden :
  • Swimming Pool :
  • Heavy Vehicles Allowed :


  • Breakfast : 15,00€
  • Brunch : Price N.A.
  • Lunch : Price N.A.
  • Appetizers & Cocktails : Price N.A.
  • Dinner : 49,00€
Agriturismo l’Unicorno Farmhouse

Region : Lombardy

Province : BS

City : Bedizzole

Address : Via Quarena, 17

ZIP Code : 25081

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Telephone: 0039 030 674339

FAX: 0039 030 6873917

Mobile: 0039 335 5323094

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