Academy of Arms Musumeci Greco

musumeci ritratti  - dimore storiche italiane

The House Museum “Academy of Arms Musumeci Greek” is located in Rome in Via del Seminario 87, steps from the Pantheon, and is housed on the first floor of the building century which belonged to the Bishop Diego de Valdes, chamberlain of Alexander VI, pontiff from 1492 to 1503.
Since 1878, the Academy is headed by the same family that we pass the baton ideally Risorgimento age than today seamless and always preserving intact the spirit and ideals of sport and human that led to its establishment.
It spreads across the floor of the palace, with coffered ceilings, ancient walls ceilings and furniture in neo-Gothic style, and consists of a large room of weapons, from a studio which houses a rich collection of nineteenth and twentieth century paintings, from two dressing rooms for athletes and corridors-gallery with an exhibition of numerous diplomas and, in the external facade, have posted two marble plaques commemorating.
The visitor has the opportunity to discover and admire a miscellaneous collection of documents and objects of art, a selection of European and Oriental weapons from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, period paintings and letters written by historical figures who have linked its name the room, as well as watch live lessons and assaults of fencing.

accademia musumeci greco  - dimore storiche italiane

Its history originated with the founder Salvatore Greek Chiaramonte, hero of the Risorgimento (1835-1910) with a marble bust of the Pincio next to Garibaldi, and then continue with the children Agesilao (1866-1963) and Greek Aurelio (1879-1954 ), legendary fencers, with his nephew Enzo Musumeci Greek (1911-1994) founder of the profession of Master at Arms for the cinema, reaching up to current events with the Master Renzo Musumeci Greek, teaches fencing at the Experimental Cinema Centre and various theaters, considered the most successful weapon Master of the Italian show.

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The Academy of Arms Musumeci Greek offers available for weddings, corporate events and celebrations, with estimates on request.


Whole property per day: € 2,500 – € 3,000 (only weekends and holidays)

Whole property weekends: € 3,000 / day

Whole property per week: € 15,000

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Events and Weddings

  • Available Halls : 1
  • Seats : 70

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  • Breakfast : Price N.A.
  • Brunch : Price N.A.
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  • Appetizers & Cocktails : Price N.A.
  • Dinner : Price N.A.


  • Tickets : Price N.A.
  • Open on : Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
  • Opening times : su prenotazione, 10 -15 feriali 12 -18 sabato e festivi
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Academy of Arms Musumeci Greco

Region : Lazio

Province : RM

City : Roma

Address : Via del Seminario, 87

ZIP Code : 000186

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Responsible: Roberta Cacchione

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A few steps from the Pantheon, in the heart of the historical center of Rome

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musumeci scherma  - dimore storiche italiane

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